Common Causes of Sleep Apnea 

For many people, sleep apnea is simply the difficulty in sleeping or other related complications. But rarely do they know what causes these conditions in the first place. For the record, here are some of the common causes of sleep apnea you should know. Information can be found here.

Hormone Abnormalities

 Hormone conditions like hypothyroidism10 (underactive thyroid) and acromegaly11 (excess growth hormone) may increase the risk of OSA by causing swelling of tissue near the airway and contributing to a person’s risk of obesity. See here for information about Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea.


Being overweight is a leading cause of OSA and may be an underlying risk factor in up to 60% of cases. Obesity contributes to the airway’s anatomical narrowing, and research has found that a 10% increase in weight can equate to a six-fold increase.

Use of sedatives, including alcohol

Sedative medications and drugs can cause tissues in the throat to relax, making it easier for the airway to become obstructed.

Family History

People who have one or more close relatives with OSA are more likely to develop OSA themselves. While this may never be a universal case, the chances of it occurring are very high. It is advisable to seek assistance before it gets serious.

Anatomical Characteristics

 The size and positioning of a person’s neck, jaw, tongue, tonsils, and other tissue near the back of the throat can directly affect airflow.