Greensboro, NC Bubbles with Parks 

Charming Parks in Greensboro, NC

Apart from the lovely gardens Greensboro offers, the town is also a host to several charming parks. Whether you are looking to picnic, hike, play or walk, you can choose from any of these parks the town boasts.  See more here.

Bur-Mil Park

This was established in 1989 through the former Burlington Industries. Bur-Mil Park is a complete 250-acre park that is adjacent to Lake Brandt. It provides a wide variety of recreation opportunities and especially for Guilford County residents. You can always contact the Park office for any events you would like to host. You even have a golf shop there and a wildlife education center. See here for information about Greensboro, NC is a Dining Paradise.

Hagan Stone Park

This park was named in honor of Anne Hagan and Joseph Stone, and today, this park is a scenic 400 acres plus park which is also a wildlife refuge. This has other recreational facilities for people of all ages and who have diverse interests. There are cross country trails, and various high school and college meet happen during the year’s fall season.

Haw River State Park

This park is located in the northern Piedmont Triad region, and they have great terrain. They have the summit environmental education and conference center, and this is the first residential environmental education center.