Greensboro, NC is a Historical City

Learning History in Greensboro, NC

For history lovers, Greensboro is the place to come to for a dose of the past. The history centers here in town are also fun-filled with other attractions and things to do. Some of them include. Further facts about Greensboro, NC can be found here.

Greensboro Historical Museum

Housed in the gorgeous former First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, the city’s historical museum immerses visitors in heritage from the get-go – the very building itself was constructed in 1892 in the classic Romanesque Revival style. Inside and the exhibitions take over, chronicling everything from the earliest years of the Gate City to the American Civil War days in North Carolina. Visitors can delve into reconstructions of how Greensboro looked back in the early 1900s when its railroads drew monetary developers from the east. Information about Greensboro, NC is a Brewery Hub can be found here.

Guilford Courthouse

Sprawled out over more than 200 acres on Greensboro’s northern fringes, the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park draws a whopping 200,000 visitors each year. The site was consecrated to commemorate the eponymous Battle of Guilford Court House, which marked the start of the campaigns that would later flower into full-blown victory in the American Revolution. Statues are honoring the revered US general Nathanael Greene and regular tours that point out where Continental forces clashed with the formidable Redcoats of Cornwallis’ British divisions.