Greensboro, NC is a Live with Gardens

Lovely Gardens in Greensboro, NC

Gardens are the top attractions in Greensboro. If you love visiting or spending time in a garden, saying hello to flowers and special vegetation, Greensboro has some of the best spots for you to consider. Some of the best include.  Learn more here.

The Bog Garden

The Bog Garden is a seven-acre (2.83 hectares) woodland that features an elevated boardwalk. Stone pathways traverse a forested hillside as you make your way to Serenity Falls. No matter what you’ve planned during your Greensboro adventures, you must tuck yourself away into this plush oasis just as soon as you can. Learn more about Greensboro, NC is Shoppers City.

Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden 

There’s another garden oasis that must bespeckle your time in Greensboro. Created in 1976, the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden was built in honor of the United States’ 200th anniversary. While that may make it worthy enough for a visit, you’ll also be pleased to stroll along a circulating stream, into a gorgeous gazebo often used for weddings, and drink in a variety of garden sculptures.

The Greensboro Arboretum

There’s one more magical stretch of land – filled with rolling hills and swaying trees – that you can’t ignore, and that’s the Greensboro Arboretum. Filled with fountain fancies, cascades of colorful flowers, and trees that we never even knew existed, you’ll be oh-so-glad you dipped back into yet another garden fancy.