Greensboro, NC is an Artful Town

Getting Arty in Greensboro, NC 

For art lovers, Greensboro will be an excellent town to visit. Here, you will find exclusive experience interacting with everything arty, from displays, performing arts to anything in between. You may want to consider these top areas first.  More can be found here.

Elsewhere Living Art Museum.

Inhabiting a former thrift store on Elm Street downtown, the spot offers an eclectic range of exhibitions and shows throughout the year. The idea is to get the public thinking about reclaimed and recycled materials in a whole new way. The resident artists have worked hard to craft a new aesthetic philosophy, using at-hand, often mundane, and found objects to create thought-provoking works that tell a story. Learn more about Greensboro, NC is a Historical City.

Ambleside Gallery

This independently-owned private gallery started life in Manchester, England, back in the early 80s. Since then it moved to specialize in showcasing English and European art in America, with its most recent manifestation gracing the sides of the much-loved South Elm Street of central Greensboro. Currently, the exhibition covers a wide range of mediums and schools, ranging from the humanist realism of Guan Weixing (an artist who’s exclusive to the Ambleside!) to the Romantic and impressionist oil and pastel landscapes of Sarah Watts.