Greensboro, NC is Shoppers City

Eclectic Shopping in Greensboro, NC

A trip to any fun destination can never be complete without any savvy shopping experience. And in Greensboro, shoppers will find several spots to buy anything of their liking. Here are the best places to shop in Greensboro.  Click here for facts about Greensboro, NC.

City Market

If you’re lucky enough to be around town on the third Thursday of the month during the summer, then be sure to make a beeline for Greensboro’s City Market. This lively event erupts on the streets of the South End district for one night only, offering a medley of farmer’s stalls and food trucks, artisan crafts, and live music. All of which is local to the greater area of the Piedmont Triad that surrounds Greensboro proper. Click here to read about Greensboro, NC Bubbles with Parks.

Antique Market Place, Inc.

Start rubbing your hands together, antiquers. One of the unique things to do in Greensboro is visiting this Antique Market Place. A pair of spectacles from the late 1800s? A nice Tiffany-inspired lamp for your redecorated library? Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to dig out some version of it in this – wait for it – 45,000 square foot (4,180 square meters) mall! With countless vendors to stumble upon, you’ll know they mean it when they say travelers are welcome.