Treating TMD in Greensboro, NC


If you’re looking for TMD treatment in Greensboro, NC, then look no further than TMD Treatment Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. TMD (Temporomandibular Dysfunction) is a condition that affects the muscles and joints in your jaw. The symptoms can range from chronic pain and headaches to difficulty chewing or talking. TMD Treatment Centers in Greensboro, NC offer customized TMD treatments that will help relieve these symptoms and get you back on track. Information can be found here.

TMD is a common oral health disorder affecting more than 80% of the population. TMD usually involves pain and discomfort in your jaw, mouth, or neck caused by inflammation due to tooth wear, muscle strain from clenching or grinding teeth, arthritis, gum disease, injury to nearby nerves and bones following an accident or trauma such as whiplash. TMD can be treated with medications for pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs as well as conservative treatment like taking breaks from chewing on the affected side (similar to resting it) at home between meals; over-the-counter soreness relievers including ibuprofen and acetaminophen; ice packs applied four times per day for 20 minutes, or home dental appliances such as a TMD mouth guard for nighttime wear. See here for information about TMJ Treatment in Greensboro, NC: Medical and Dental Implications.